„Denttaglio Vision is not an event and it is not a course.
Denttaglio Vision is a way of seeing, doing and feeling dentistry and life.”

Dr. Klodian Hazizi

All courses have an up-to-date educational and unique format, in which you can experiment Denttaglio's vision live.

The courses focus on interdisciplinary digital dentistry, promoting latest concepts using a feasible and clinically philosophy. And all these in an authentic atmosphere.


Prime Endo Track

Roberto Cristescu, Klodian Hazizi
Denttaglio, Bucharest, 10 – 11 March 2017

Places: 12 (fully booked)
Course language: English


The Prime ENDO TRACK has a simple aim — to provide educational (and fun) courses relevant to dental professionals in a relaxed environment.

We believe that the optimal educational experience involves sharing and learning in small, informal groups. For this reason, courses will always be limited to a few people. Courses will focus on clinically relevant topics within endodontics and related areas including restorative dentistry, diagnosis, treatment techniques and procedures, training with the operating microscope and case presentations.

Endodontology is a complex science which even today faces a lot of unknown and uncertain aspects. The complexity of uncertainty can and should be explained and shared in a very clear, direct and concise way.

The speed of today’s way of living added to the urgent need of information of the dental practitioners can result in undesired outcomes, when people are adopting „solutions” or „treatment cookbooks”, before those have been actually tested and validated as true.


Main topics

  • Endodontic diagnosis;
  • Access cavity – Design &Characteristics;
  • Dental trauma with endododontic implications;
  • Root canal shaping- goals & methods;
  • Root canal obturation- efficiency & safety;
  • Root canal obturation- goals & methods;
  • Restoration of endodontically treated teeth;
  • Endodontic outcome;
  • Basic principles of ergonomy in endodontology;

Course designed for: for both dentists with a special interest in Endodontology
and general dentists which want to update their knowledge in Endodontology.